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The neighborhood of the opera-house on an ordinary sommer-day

Living like a lokal!
Max number of participants of about 8.

You might wonder about how the inhabitants of Norway survive the ridiculous price level in our country? You might assume we 
either stand on skis or stay home, cooking, make house music and knitting these wonderful Norwegian–pattern -pullovers? Not quite. We  are able to ski, cook, to knit and sometimes even to play an instrument.

Still, our lives are very active and we are using frequently the many activities which are offered by the city-council our other providers that cost us little or nothing.


Most of the museums have free days, district-festivals present artists and musicians, art-parks offer special events, galleries are for free, the “open house” - festival gives you free guide and entrance to many hidden places, just to name a few events.
We have nice restaurants, and we have the picnic at the seaside.


We know were to buy gifts and souvenirs; not at the souvenir-shop in the centre, but at one of the numerous local artist-markets which are a little bit hidden but not off-road.
Instead of booking expensive fjord-cruises we would take you to a trip with the public boats which are crossing the fjord all day long anyway.
Virtually every attraction is served by public transport.

Living like a local! will focus on your needs and themes. Additionally we will include all the activities which are offered by the city for free or for little money, visiting the charming but hidden places, acting as a local.
 like a local! is also very well suitable for biking.

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