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Work experience

2006 – DD

Self-employed, Norway/Oslo
Consultant, planning architect

2015 – DD

Various engagements within NAL, Oslo 
(The National Association of Norwegian Architects)
Planning and implementation of courses for architects

2017 - DD
Architectural tours in Oslo and Bergen


1994 - DD
Planning and execution of professional trips/study tours to European cities

2016 - 2018

Employee at Bollinger + Grohmann Engineers, Oslo

Editorial and administrative help, technical translations

2013 – 2015

Employee at  The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL), Oslo
Advisor "Building of the Future" (until Dec. 2014)

2006 – 2009

Employee at Gunnar Kind AS, Oslo
Projects:  R6 Government quarter 6, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Agriculture
Housing projects


2001 - 2003

Employee at Østgaard Arkitekter AS, Oslo

Projects: Sørumsand Secondary School, Vardåsen Church


1999 - 2001

Employed at WDW-Architekter AS, Oslo

Working on several housing projects

1996 -1997

Employed at the Technical University Dresden, Germany Planning and implementation of courses, seminars and study tours, as well as student guidance

1993 - 1997 
Dresden, Germany: Employee, various housing projects
Berlin, Germany: Employee, various projects

Self-employed i Munich, Germany. Rehabilitation projects


2007 - DD

Courses and seminars


2005 - 2007

AHO Oslo, master's course in urbanism


1994 - 1998

Technische Universität Dresden
Sustainable urban development and the environment
Title: Dipl. Ing. Architektur (civil architect)


1987 - 1993

Fachhochschule für Architektur, Munich

Sustainable architecture/energy solutions. Indoor climate
Title: Dipl. Ing FH (civil architect FH)

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